School of Phytotherapy

Within you is a healer. You are not just here to feel great. You are invited to a higher purpose.

We don't need more successful people. 
We need more healing people. 

 “My big dream is for you to self-heal through plant medicine and to have the grace and wisdom to heal others.”



"I am very grateful to Providence that I was called to a higher purpose some 20 years ago – to heal others through plants.

 Since then, I have seen the magic of plants to support the healing of my clients' acute and chronic health conditions – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

 Thanks to my teachers and the old doctors, I learned various herbal traditions from all over the world - Chinese, Ayurvedic, European, Native American, Southeast Asian, and St Hildegard medicine of Germany.

My passion and mission are to pass on my knowledge and experiences to my clients, mentees, students, and future herbalists.

 We don't need more successful people. We need more healers." 


" I am not teaching you just on herb knowledge. That is easy. I am teaching to be a herbal healer." 




Phytotherapy or medical herbalism is a complementary health system that combines ancient traditions (mainly Western and increasingly covers Asian traditions) with the cutting edge of current scientific research.

You will learn a combination of herbs from the East and the West. As far as possible, each herb is studied based on both Eastern and Western traditions. 
For example, the Asian herb galangal is used in TCM as a digestive aid and for heart pain in German Hildegard medicine. 


The complete herbal consultant course has 36 lessons and three levels:

Level 1 for self-care and family health

Level 2 for Phytotherapy 

Level 3 for Phytotherapy


Before we can heal others, we need to heal ourselves first. The level 1 course, therefore, serves to set a good foundation for your herbal healing journey and professional development.



Certificate in holistic herbalist level 1



For whom: 

- The beginning student in phytotherapy

- Interested to do self-care and supporting family’s health 

- To prepare for a career in the herbal or health supplement industry.

- To lay a solid and good foundation for further herbal studies


Entry requirement


Minimum secondary four; Applicants with other academic qualifications and extensive working experiences will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Language proficiency: English, both oral and basic written



This course helps you – 

  1. Feel confident in self-care and family care 
  2. Become your own primary health provider 
  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and slow down the aging 
  4. Prevent chronic diseases holistically 
  5. Become an excellent resource for your family



What you will get from the course


  1. 12 self-paced online modules
  2. 4 online self-paced seminars
  3. One intensive weekend onsite workshop
  4. Continuous technical support
  5. A strong foundation for further professional training 
  6. Actualise holistic preventive health measures in your life
  7. Learn herbal strategies to slow down the aging
  8. Learn basic skills to treat and prevent common ailments
  9. Transformation to a healing-cantered lifestyle
  10. Student discounts for herbs, oils, etc. purchases from SLC (Sebastian Liew Centre).





  1. Naturopathic principles, the herbal tradition, philosophy & the holistic approach 

This module covers the principles of naturopathic healing, the application of holism, vitalism, and a basic understanding of the Western energetic system.

      2. The Holistic Vitality Diet

 The module covers an evidence-based diet associated with healthy aging, the concept of moderation and digestion, eating habits, and common herbs for family health.

      3. Holistic evaluation

    Your body talks to you. Learn basic self-diagnosis – tongue, skin, face. Beliefs shape physiology. Your inner issues become your tissues. Transform your health with a healthy thought style.

     4. Herbal actions /Herbs & drug interactions, safety, toxicity, and nutrient depletion 


Learn the herbal fundamentals - herbal actions, contraindications, herb/drug interactions, and herbal /nutrient support for countering pharmaceutical side effects.

      5.   The blueprint of herbs. Basic herbal energetics.

 In this module, you learn the language of herbs and their patterns, and how their properties affect your choice of herbs.


  1.  Internal herbal preparation methods / External herbal preparation methods


  1.  The psychological and spiritual works of herbs

       8Materia medica – in-depth study of 5 herbs and applications in common ailments  

       9. Materia medica – In-depth study of 5 herbs and applications in common ailments 

10. Materia medica – In-depth study of 5 herbs and applications in common ailment

      11. Materia medica – In-depth study of 5 herbs and applications in common ailments


      12. Herbal first aid  

       These lessons cover the herbal remedies to include in a first aid kit and the specific herbal first aid treatments for common first aid conditions.

       13 Onsite classes (BONUS) 


 Certificate of competence


The Certificate of Competence issued by Sebastian Liew Centre shall be offered to students who passed -

1. Complete all assignments

2. Attendance in all 4 online seminar

3. Compulsory on-site one-weekend full day (930am to 5 pm) workshop covering practical aspects of the course and how to self-treat common ailments

       Note: For oversea students can attend live online

4. Oral examination – one to one (after completing the above)

5. My healing life retreat (overseas) – optional course enhancement covering herbs for mental health and life transformation, plant coherence, touch therapy, and more. 

6. Certificate in holistic massage - optional module to enhance your healing work with herbs. 


 Your investment 


SGD $1200 (non-refundable) for paynow and bank transfer payment modes


Payment method:


1. Pay Now (Singapore) – 200408889Z (UEN), Sebastian Liew Centre Pte Ltd. SGD$1200

2. Bank transfer amount - SGD$1200 


Name of bank: DBS BANK

Account name: Sebastian Liew Centre Pte Ltd

Account number: 0109011323

Bank address: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982

Swift code: DBSSSGSG

3. By monthly subscription (12 payments) link -


The course fee does not include herbal ingredients, books, additional onsite classes, optional modules, and retreats. 


The course starts on October 1, 2022

Call us for any questions - at +65-65389978 





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